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The Vrystaat Arts Festival has decided to cancel the Arts Market in October 2021.

Unfortunately, current circumstances, uncertainties and safety restrictions make it extremely difficult to facilitate an arts market that is fun & accessible for our guests and satisfying & profitable for our exhibitors. With regret, we have chosen to cancel the Arts Market for 2021.

Our focus now is entirely on the 2022 festival. We hope that in a year's time a majority of our attendees will be fully vaccinated and that we can hold a festival worthy of celebrating with confidence and pride.

For the exhibitors who applied for the market in 2021 and have paid their 2021 admin fee, don’t worry, this will carry over to 2022.


The application form for 2022 will be ready in November. Our main priority now is confirming a date for the festival in 2022. In the meantime, please familiarise yourself with the festival’s new market map (see below). Since 2019 the campus terrain has undergone major transformations, which has obviously affected the festival layout. The festival is going to look a little different, but will still have the heart and soul we are known for.

For frequently asked questions, scroll down and familiarize yourself with the topics. If you have any other queries, send me an e-mail at

To all the exhibitors and guests, I hope to see you all in 2022!

Please stay safe and get vaccinated!

Warm Greetings



Festival Grounds 2022


Festival Grounds 2022



When will the application form for 2022 be available?
From November 15, 2021.

Will I be able to apply for the same place as in 2019?
The festival grounds have undergone major transformations since 2019. Please familiarise yourself with the new layout (see above). We will do our best to give everyone the best spot possible.

Where are the most 'feet' (possible customers)?
Because of the terrain changes, it is hard to say, as we don't have any data. But because the new layout is more circular in nature than the previous layout, we believe every part of the festival will pull a good number of visitors.

How many indoor exhibition spaces are available?
This year only the Callie Human and the exam rooms are available for indoor exhibitors.

Will the Van der Merwe Scholtz Hall be available for exhibitors again?
No, it is being transformed into a theatre for the duration of the festival.

Will the Equitas Building be available for exhibitors again?
No, again because of the changes to the terrain layout, the Equitas building will no longer form part of the festival grounds.

Are the hostel residences open for accommodation during the 2022 festival?
This is relative to the festival date. We will keep you informed as soon as we know more.