The Arts Market

The Vrystaat Arts Festival's Arts Market is an integral part of what makes the Arts Festival such a massive success. We ow a lot to all the hardworking stall holders for creating such an fun, memorable and delicious festival. On this page you will find all the info regarding the physical market.


Truly South African!

A small intimate market, mostly concentrated in and around the Callie Human Hall and the Examination Rooms, with only high quality uniquely South African manufactured products!

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The Main Festival

The big festival! Including the Literature Festival, Die Blêrkas, Vrynge and obviously the trusted Arts Market! Apply below to make sure you are part of it!

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It is a privilege to greet everyone again after two challenging years for many of us. We hope to start 2022 positively and trust that we can have a festival and do business again this coming year.


The Vrystaat Arts Festival
is planning two Markets in 2022!

The Main Festival with the Literature Festival, Vrynge and the trusted Arts Market will be held from 2 to 8 October 2022.

Because our Arts Festival usually takes place in the heart of winter, we planned a Winter MINI market from 12 - 16 July. This market will be smaller and primarily concentrated in and around the Callie Human Hall and the Examination Rooms (see the map below). This market will celebrate the true South African spirit and only feature uniquely South African manufactured products!

The good news is that the application forms for both markets are now ready! See the links above for the application forms.

You are more than welcome to exhibit at both markets. But, please make sure to apply and pay for both markets! Then, follow the easy instructions for all the necessary information.

To accommodate everyone, we did not raise the prices for a stall in 2022. Therefore, the costs for all the stalls are the same as in 2020!

Applicants who paid their administration fees in 2021 will carry over to 2022, but you will need to apply again! Just attach the proof of payment again.

We are unbelievably excited to embrace you back to the Free State and hope to see you all again!!

Hearty Greetings

Organizer Vrystaat Arts Festival Arts Market

Application Fee / Inskryf Fooi

Festival Grounds 2022

Prices Main Festival



Prices Winter MINI Market




When will the application form for 2022 be available?

From January 14, 2022.

Will I be able to apply for the same place as in 2019?

The festival grounds have undergone significant transformations since 2019. Please familiarize yourself with the new layout (see above). We will do our best to give everyone the best spot possible.

Where are the most’ feet’ (possible customers)?

It is hard to say because of the terrain changes, as we don’t have any data. But because the new layout is more circular than the previous layout, we believe every part of the festival will pull many visitors.

What number of indoor exhibition spaces are available?

This year only the Callie Human and the exam rooms are available for indoor exhibitors.

Will the vd Merwe/Scholtz Hall be available for exhibitors?

No, this location will transform into a theatre for the duration of the festival.

Will the Equitas Building be available for exhibitors?

No, again, because of the changes to the terrain layout, the Equitas building will no longer form part of the festival grounds.

Are the hostel residences open for accommodation during the 2022 festival?

Accommodation is relative to the festival date. We will keep you informed as soon as we know more.