Unisex A Grade Merino wool slipper


“Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.” —Coco Chanel

Waking up and dragging yourself out have bed can definitely be difficult, however having the
motivation to put on these slippers will get you out of bed and walking around the house in
no time! Our slippers are handmade from genuine “A-GRADE” Merino wool, therefore unbeatable quality!

Our insole is also made of “A-GRADE WOOL”.
They are comfortable, cosy and pleasantly snug, hugging the feet with cuddly, soft and
luxurious texture! What is not to love? Give your feet the luxury they deserve!

NB! Please do not be mislead with B-Grade merino wool slippers selling for less in the market as the wool quality are worlds apart.

Sizes 3-12

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5 Tan wool slipper size 3 available. Don't miss out.